West Inspection Services LLC
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Preferred way to contact west inspections services

Call us at 505-219-1967

What you can expect during your call:

  • You can expect us to answer the phone;
  • You can expect us to quote you a price for your inspection;
  • You can expect us to make our best effort to give you available dates and times for an inspection to take place within a couple of days.
Alternative way to contact WEST

Please fill out the request form below and hit "submit".  We will get back to you the same day if at all possible.  Please give as many details about the house as you can  (e.g. size, age, # of stories, location, etc) so we can calculate our price for your inspection.  Also provide the date you would like the inspection.  We will do our best to grant your request if at all possible.  If that date is not available we will provide you with the earliest available date.

Our goal is to provide you a firm price and appointment for your inspection on your first contact with us.

You can request a call back from us by clicking the green button and providing the requested information.

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